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Space Exploration

Our latest topic is all about Space.  The boys and girls are engaged in lots of learning about our solar system and what life is like as an astronaut.  We attended a Space workshop in W5 in October and have really enjoyed this topic. 



Our current topic is Autumn and we have been learning lots of interesting things.  We are going on an Autumn nature walk on Tuesday 27th October to find out about native species of trees and wildlife and how autumn affects them.

Trip to the Ulster Museum

We recently went on a trip to the Ulster Museum to learn about healthy living and how our bodies work.  We worked with a giant puppet called Stuffee and got to investigate the jobs of the different organs inside and how to keep ourselves healthy.


The Vikings

In term 1 we learnt about the Vikings!

We have been learning about where Vikings lived, how they wrote and lots of other interesting information. We made a display of runic writing like the Vikings would have used.






We tasted food that the Viking's ate. We baked Viking oatcakes!





We are currently learning about space and the solar system.

This week we have been doing activities about the moon!



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