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What are we learning about:


We are currently learning about what makes each of us unique and special.

  • What we look like - explore sense of self using different media
  • I am special.
  • Our senses
  • Healthy Living
  • Our families
  • img

At the end of October we had a school trip to W5 in Belfast to have fun and learn about our senses through a tutored workshop.



We have been learning about what makes birds special.  the things we wanted to find out about were...

  • What is a bird?
  • What do birds eat?
  • What are the biggest and smallest birds in the world?
  • How do birds build their nests?
  • Why do birds have different beaks and feet?
  • What do birds eat?
  • What are the main predators of birds?
  • What are feathers for?


Jambo!  We have just started a very exciting new topic about Africa.  We have been learning how to speak some Swahili, making mud huts and creating a mini African village in class.  There will be lots more exciting fun and learning over the next few weeks.  

We are looking forward to learning about:

  • Food in Africa - what is a typical meal?  What types of food are grown in Africa and why?
  • Similarities and differences between our lives in Ireland and life in different parts of Africa.
  • African wildlife - wild animals, predators and prey, animal patterns.
  • Flags of Africa
  • Clothes in Africa
  • Different housing and buildings
  • Weather in Africa.
  • Games children play
  • African music and dance
model village

Learning about 2D and 3D Shapes

Primary 2 have been investigating the properties of some 3D shapes.  We have investigated how to build different 3D shapes using nets and a variety of materials - art straws/ milk straws/ lolliopop sticks/ marshmallows/ spaghetti/ blu-tack.  We have counted the faces and edges and talked about and described different 3D shapes and what makes them useful for different things.

3D 1

All About Ourselves

We are learning about what makes us special.  We have special names and we are all unique.  We have been investigating fingerprints and how we can solve crimes using fingerprints. 

We will be learning about our families, people who help us, our senses and how to stay healthy.

We visited the Ulster Museum on Tuesday 20th October and had a great workshop with Stuffee who taught us all about staying healthy.

img  img

Our fingerprints are unique

We have been investigating our fingerprints and how no-one in the orld has the same pattern of arches, whorls or loops.  this is useful to help the police to solve crimes where fingerprints have been left behind.  We used fingerprinting to investigate the great cookie robbery in our staff room to discover who the cookie muncher was.

fingerprint 1

All About China

We have recently started our new topic - all about China.  We have been learning lots of interesting facts and doing lots of fun activities.  As part of our writing focus this term we have been looking at instructional writing.  We followed recipe instructions to make fortune cookies in class. 



We have been learning some Chinese phrases which you can practice at home:

Yi    1er  2san  3si  4wu  5

She-a shay - Thank You

Ni Hao  - Hello

Goodbye - Zay- gee-en


We have been learning all about autumn changes, autumn creatures and harvest. 

We had hedgehog week where we learned lots of interesting facts about hedgehogs.  See our class "hedgehog fact" display board.

Did you know:

  • hedgehogs curl up into a ball when they are scared.
  • They eat slugs, frogs and bugs!  Yummy!
  • Their predators are foxes
  • We made clay hedgehogs and a hedgehog hibernation hut using autumn leaves and twigs


We had apple week where we:

  • sorted different varieties of apples
  • tasted and recorded our favourites
  • made apple crumble
  • learned about the life cycle of an apple tree.
  • Planted apple seeds.

See our class produced book - "Our Apple Fun Day" to see some of the fun activities we did when learning about apples.


Then we had Pumpkin Week where we investigated pumpkins and completed lots of fun activities:

  • We drew pumpkins.
  • We learned lots of interesting facts such as the fact that pumpkins can be red, yellow, white, green or orange.
  • We cut open pumpkins and scooped out the pulp and seeds.
  • We counted the seeds and made seed number lines
  • We used autumn vegetables to make Pumpkin soup

We participated in a TESCO farm to fork educational trip and learned all about seasonal vegetable,  where our food comes from and how it is stored to keep it fresh.  We also got fresh jam doughnuts!! :)



Our current topic is Minibeasts and we have been learning lots of interesting things about different bugs and creepy crawlies.


One of our topics is transport and travel. We do lots of learning through play activities and practical tasks.
The boys and girls learn through active tasks and have access to lots of up-to date technology to support learning within the class.


All About Numbers

Kara-May and Emma worked very hard to count out and design counter number patterns!
Kara-May and Emma worked very hard to count out and design counter number patterns!

Our Classroom


Our classroom is lovely and bright. We have an interactive whiteboard, a computer and lots of toys and games to help support our learning.



We use a range of reading schemes in the Foundation Classroom - Ginn, Rigby Star and Oxford Reading Tree.

Before commencing reading children follow a programme of phonological awareness and phonics/ letter sound knowledge.

They are encouraged to understand how sounds can be blended and words segmented in order to enhance their ability to tackle text.

We hace an interactive Smartboard in our classroom. The children can use their fingers to create images or write on the board which is a very good sensory experience to aid learning.

Self Registration


Children register independently each morning on the interactive whiteboard by moving their name onto a picture of the school. They also register for lunch or dinner on the interactive whiteboard.

We encourage children to work independently using our technology. Our class is totally up-to-date with a P.C, laptop and interactive whiteboard - as well as bee-bots, digital camera and video camera.

Health & Hygiene

We have learned the importance of keeping germs and nasties away by washing our hands. First we use one squoosh of soap, we rub it all over our hands and rinse off the bubbles. Finally we dry our hands thoroughly. Our class recently did a whole school assembly about washing hands and toilet rules.

Topic Work

Our current topic is
"Travel & Transport".
We are learning about lots of different types of vehicles and ways to travel. The childrenare creating pieces of art using computer software. The children have allbrought homea topic homeworkcard with ideas for practical activities to further extend and enhance their learning.

This is Jessica's plane. It is lovely and pink with lots of windows.
Emma painted a boat with a lovely pink and red sail.
She wrote her own title on her painting too.

Kara-May painted a fantastic helicopter.
She is the pilot and she has landed in a beautiful garden.
Kitty painted a lovely purple car.
She is out for a drive with mummy on a sunny day.

Caoimhe painted herself flying through the sky in a hot air balloon.
She is almost in the clouds!
Martina painted a pink car with her mummy inside.

Kitty painted a submarine coming up to the surface of the sea.
Can you see it's periscope?
Corey painted a big red and white plane.

Physical Education

Healthy Break

We place great importance on developing children's understanding of the importance of healthy living and exercise. We have carefully planned P.E sessions for each class, as well as D.E.N.I coached P.E sessions (Rec to P5) and Key Stage 2 Afterschool Sports Club. In additon to this we are extremely proud of the fact that all of our pupils get coached swimming lessons every Friday throughout the year in Downpatrick Leisure Centre. Pupils achieve swimming certificates for 5m/ 10m/ 25m/ 50m/ 100m/ 200m/ 500m as well as National Curriculum Swimming Skills certificates. In addition to the emphasis we place on exercise in the Foundation stage, we also encourage children to bring a healthy snack to school for break every day. Award dots are given each day a child brings a healthy break which count towards prize day awards.
Children have also access to water throughout the school day as we feel this is important to aid focus and concentration.

Road Safety Awareness Week

8th to 12th November 2010

The boys and girls have been working hard to learn important road safety messages. they have also been designing posters and pictures to create a book for our road safety wall display. We will add more images as they are created.

We have been learning about the importance of being careful on or near roads, wearing cycle helmets and seatbelts.
Mr Anthony Crozier - a road safety officer visited our school on Tuesday 9th November to teach us all about how to use traffic lights, zebra crossings and to make sure we always fasten our seatbelts in vehicles.

BBC Children in Need 2010

On Thursday 18th November 2010 all our children had a non-uniform day and brought in a small donation each for Children in Need. We raised 119.72 which will go to help children who need support in N.I, Engalnd and Wales.
All About France

We are learning all about France this term.  We have learned some French phrases, about French food, how to count to ten and lots of other fun and interesting information.

We have made flags and created digital art.  We planted sunflowers like you can see in the South of France. 

We hope to have a French day very soon in class when we will eat croissants, grapes, cheeses and lots of other lovely French goodies.


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